You will meet the following refreshment posts (aid stations) during the Ponitrianska stovka course:

K2 Jarabá skala (19. km): refreshment post

K3 Veľké Pole (38. km): refreshment post

K4 Jedľové Kostoľany (53,5. km): refreshment post

K5 Skýcov (62. km): refreshment post

K6 Sedlo Rakyta (69. km): refreshment post

K7 Jedliny (84. km): small refreshment post

K8 Remitáž (90. km): refreshment post

K1 Veľký Grič (10. km): !!! checkpoint only !!!

K9 Zobor (101,5. km): !!! checkpoint only !!!


At K4 and in the finish in Nitra there will be pasta prepared for the participants. Soup will be prepared at K8. Grape sugar, salt and magnesium will be available at the above mentioned checkpoints. In case you are using energy gels and similars, we recommend to take also your own energy sources.



Still water or energising drink will be available for filling bottles or hydration packs. On top of this further beverages will be available - Coca-Cola or Pepsi (or Kofola), non-alcoholic beer or non-alcoholic radler and tea (please note that all refreshment post will not offer the full scope of the mentioned beverages). We recommend to have at least 1 liter water at the start point in your bag.

  • Access of persons except of race participants, race organizers and volunteers (or persons helping the race organizers during the race) to the aid stations and checkpoints is not allowed.

  • Support or assistance for the participant (e.g. by family members, friends…) can be provided only close to the staffed checkpoints, but not directly at the checkpoints place.

  • Access of fans and supporters to the aid stations and checkpoints is not allowed.

  • Before accessing the aid station / checkpoint all participants are obliged to use the hand sanitiser.

  • Before accessing the aid station / checkpoint all participants are strongly recommended to put on a face mask.

  • Minimalize the time spent at the aid station / checkpoint to the necessary time only. Keep a safe distance (2 meters).

  • Beverages at the aid stations are distributed by volunteers only to the cups and flasks owned by participants (no contact between the beverage source and the cup or flask allowed).

  • It is strictly forbidden to drink directly from the bottles, which are at the aid stations (Pepsi, Cola-Cola, Kofola...).

  • Soup, pasta with ingredients, prepared breads at the aid stations are distributed by the volunteers.

  • The participants take other refreshments (fruits, salty / sweet refreshments) with touching only the one piece, which they take.

  • No handshake.

  • No spitting or blowing the nose at the aid station / checkpoint (at least 10 meters distance).

  • Access of the participnats into the house of culture at K5 Skýcov is not allowed.