All participants must come to the check-in (presence) in Handlová before the Ponitrianska stovka start.

For those participants, who will arrive to Handlová on Friday, we strongly recommend to use the possibility of evening check-in (presence) on Friday 11. September 2020. This will take place at the parking lot behind the Asterion n.o. building in Handlová between 18.00 and 22.30 CET.

Saturday 12. September 2020: Check-in (presence) at the parking lot behind the Asterion n.o. building in Handlová - between 05.00 and 06.40 CET. We kindly ask all participants, who do not have the possibility to check-in on Friday, to come in advance enough (which means not during the last 30 minutes before start time).

During the check-in the list of enrolled participants will be checked. The organizers will collect the filled-in and signed Informed consent (Participant’s declaration) document from all participants (see the Regulatiosn section). The participant will receive the control sheet, race bib and chip. In case of need the participant can get the baggage tag too. The baggage will be collected at the start place directly to the cars (vans). During the check-in the mandatory equipment will be checked, therefore it is necessary to bring the mandatory equipment to the check-in place.

  • Check-in (race bibs collect) is possible either on 11. September 2020 (18.00 – 22.30 hod.) or 12. September (05.00 - 06.40) at the parking lot behind the Asterion n.o. building in Handlová. Access of participants into the Asterion n.o. building / conference room is not allowed.

  • All participants are obliged to put on a face mask, when accessing the check-in area and wear it during the whole time until leaving the check-in area.

  • All participants are obliged to use the handsanitiser when accessing the check-in area.

  • The access to the check-in area will be regulated by race organizer.

  • Access to the check-in area is not allowed to persons except of participants, race organizers and volunteers.

  • Temperature screening before entering the check-in area: persons with body temperature over 38.0C will be restricted from accessing the check-in area.

  • The participants are required to keep a safe distance (2 m) during the check-in.

  • No handshake.

  • The condition of participation is to submit an filled-in and signed Informed consent (Participiant’s declaration) document during the presence (check-in) in Handlová.


All participants will start together with a starting pistol shoot on Saturday 12. September 2020 at 07.00 AM (collective start) from the Námestie Baníkov square in front of the Asterion n.o. building. Before start we will provide a brief information about weather forecast and possibly other necessary information. After the start a car will guide the participants to the outskirt of Handlová town.

  • Keep social distancing of 2 meters minimum, when waiting for the start at the Námestie baníkov square. No groupings allowed.

  • No handshake.

  • One minute before the start the participants will come to the start line. Face mask mandatory, keep a safe distance (2 m)..

  • Start at  07.00 hod. During the start and then until leaving the town (place, where the safety car will stop) the participants are obliged to wear the face masks.