Question: Is it required to get enrolled (registered) in advance?


Answer: Yes, because we need to know the number of participants in advance to prepare refreshment, control sheets, certificates etc.

Question: Is there any age limtation for enrollment/participation?

Answer: Yes, the minimal age is 18 years one day before the day of start, a person with age 15-17 years can participate only with following the requirements in race regulations. There is no upper age limit.

Question: Are there any refreshment points?

Answer: Yes, at the preappointed checkpoints there wil be refreshment available for the participants. Closer information will be available HERE (update will be available in September at least one week before the start date). We strongly recommend to have at least 1 L of water at start place. In case you are using energy gels, bars and similars, we recommend to take also your own energy sources.

Question: Is there a possibility to have own support available (e.g. transportation of reserve clothes, refreshment etc. out of the services provided by organizers)?

Answer: It’s allowed to use a 3rd person’s help for equipment (but not mandatory equipment!) and refreshment transport only in case this will be used at the staffed checkpoints, not between the staffed checkpoints.

Question: Is there a possibility to have the baggage transported from start to finisnh place (from Handlová to Nitra)?

Answer: Yes, more information is available HERE.

Question: Is there any accommodation booked for the night before start (from Friday to Saturday)?

Answer: No, due to the schools not accessible for public there is no accommodation (no sleeping in the gym) arranged for 2021. This option was not contained in the registration form.

Question: Why is it better to come to the participants presence (check-in) on Friday?

Answer: The Friday presence will allow you to prepare for the morning start on Saturday without stress coming from the time pressure and waiting in queues for the presence. In case you have no possibility to come to handlová on Friday, please ensure, you will come to the Saturday presence early enough (it is starting on 05.00 CET) to avoid unnecessary problems and delays.

Question: Is it possible to come with a dog to Ponitrianska stovka?

Answer: Yes, but you need to inform the organizers in advance (acceptance from organizers required).

Question: They say there are bears in the Slovak mountains including Vtáčnik, is it true?

Answer: Yes. Vtáčnik mountains are one of the areas in Slovakia with bear appearance.