During the week before the race we will be adding here actual information about the course conditions based on the information received during course marking.

  • After the tourist signpost Tri studničky (green tourist mark in the beginning of the course) the path is damaged by vehicles (vehicles of the loggers). Lot of mud, cut branches, etc. There is also a fallen tree.

  • The tourist path after K2 Jarabá skala is muddy (damaged by vehicles of the loggers).

  • The spring well approx. 1 km from summit of Vtáčnik direction Veľké Pole (turn right from the red tourist mark, there is a sign), is usable for refilling water.

  • Between Medvedí vrch and Veľký Tribeč (a glade) there was an increased number of hornets during the course marking on 8.9. Do not leave the marked path, pay attention here.

  • Afte signpost Trojchotár and at Zobor the course of Zobor 1000+ run is crossing the course of our race. There may be also other reflective marks on the trees. From Trojchotár follow only the tourist path with red tourist marking.